Featured Review: "Girl Spanks Girl" by Clare Fonda

This review is a combined review for both Girl Spanks Girl and Spanked Sweeties. Both of these are wonderful spanking sites by Clare Fonda that portray spanking in a fashion that is as good as it gets for me. The spanking on both sites are generally the same, in as far as the videos themselves go, but the concepts and set up of each site is completely different. First we will address Girl Spanks Girl since this is my favorite type of spanking and then later in this review I will discuss Spanked Sweeties.


Girl Spanks Girl is exactly as the title will lead you to believe. It is strictly a female/female site where no men are present anywhere (which is perfect for me and I am a man). The site is broken down into three main categories which are; Disciplinary spankings, Erotic spankings, and Sensual spankings. The Disciplinary spankings section deals with spankings for different punishment reasons such as being late, bad grades, etc. The Erotic spankings section deals with spankings that normally end up in some kind of sexual situation. Lastly the Sensual spankings section deals with spankings that are kind of a mix between the first two sections. There are a good number of videos in each one of these sections and the spankings are generally pretty hard with the exception of some of the erotic spankings which you would not want to be hard in the first place. There are several different spankers and spankees on this site with Clare showing her skills on both sides of the coin. The ladies on this site are absolutely stunning and this is the best strictly female/female site going as far as I am concerned.

Spanked Sweeties has just as much female/female spanking on it as Girl Spanks Girl does, but in addition to that it has some male/female spankings as well. What you will notice on this site however is that there are a plethora of spanking interviews that are absolutely tremendous and are unlike anything I have seen anywhere. The interviews normally deal with if the model has ever been spanked before. If the model has been spanked previously, then they discuss how they were spanked, whom they were spanked by, and with what implements they were spanked with. There is also a section on this site called “Never been spanked”. Models who fell into this never been spanked category no longer are eligible for the never been spanked status because as you will see they definitely gets those cheeks spanked until they are bright red! Overall this is one of the most comprehensive sites that I have come across and it has very stunning models just as Girl Spanks Girl.

Conclusion: I recommend joining either one of these sites if you are a spanking fan that enjoys female/female spanking, and if at all possible I would even more so recommend joining Clare’s three site special which is the best value for a spanking membership on the internet. The three site special also includes the site Kara Prepare Yourself which has a good bit of spanking as well. The reason I did not review the Kara website is because I only have so much room on my page, but it is a great site as well. The three site special is in my opinion, as I have said, the best value for a spanking site that I have found. Keep up the good work Clare!

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Spanked Cheeks Review

Spanking Type: This site a mixture of f/f and m/f spanking movies.

Spanking Implements Used: Hand, leather paddle, leather strap, rubber strap etc.

Spanking Severity: The spankings here are typically pretty hard individual licks. There are frequent breaks in most of the spankings which gives the spanker time to talk to the spankee and rub the spankees bottom which is the part of the spanking that many people enjoy the most.

Overall: Currently Spanked Cheeks has about 75 spanking clips with each clip normally being around 2 minutes long. These spanking videos are shot with really crisp clarity and the spankers and spankees seem like they are in real situations ;My favorite video on this site is Spanked Au Pair because it has a really nice hairbrush spanking in it! As spanking sites go this site is relatively cheap to join to have 75 spanking clips. This site also has a nice sized photo gallery, but since we only review spanking movies that was left out.

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Hand-Spanking Review

Spanking Type: This site is an all f/f spanking site.

Spanking Implements Used: As the title of the site suggest all of the spankings on this site are administered by hand.

Spanking Severity: The spankings on Hand-Spanking are generally pretty mild with a large majority of each spanking being delivered over some clothing. There are also some bare bottom spankings on this site and the girls have really nice bottoms! This is a unique site since all of the spankers and spankees are Japanese women. If you are looking for more of a bottom display spanking without really hard spanks then I would really suggest this site. The girls on this site are second to none and really act like they are being spanked. As far as price goes this site is not expensive and since this site is so unique I would definitely recommend that people try this site out!