F/f Sensual Spankings

Spanking can just be fun, sexy as well. It's always sexy, at least to us the viewers, and spanking and paddling etc can also be sexy to the submissive woman. It just takes the right approach from the dominant Female. We at Bare Butts get that!

This is Spanking Bare Butts, and on our site we are proud to offer a variety of Mf and Ff, Sensual and Punishment Spankings. These spankings in this section are mostly for fun, though certainly not light. And we also feature the more disciplinary side of spanking, which you can view here

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Welcome To Spanking Bare Butts
Where Bad Girls Get Their Just Due
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As everybody knows, naughty girls get smacked bottoms in Spanking Bare Butts but sometimes our naughty girls are just too cute for their own good! And sometimes our strict girls can not resist spanking thier bottoms even when they have not been disobedient! But when this happens, the spanking is simply for fun and far more sensual! And as all spankers and spankee's know, the sensual spankings are often the sexiest!

And here at Spanking Bare Butts we have an entire section dedicated to just those sorts of sensual spankings that simply happen on the spare of the moment!

So whether it is the hard punishment spankings or the sensual spankings you are looking for or whether it is the maledom or femdom spankings that you are looking for we have it all! We have it in abundance and unlike most of the others, we keep it real! So for the best in hot spanking action from real lifestyle spanking enthusiasts come Join Us here at Spanking Bare Butts!

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